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Asset Management Program

  • Your Present... Evaluating your current roof conditions helps you understand the state of your roofing asset. Heartland Roofing Consultants will perform a thorough visual inspection and collect historical data on your roof to present a current condition summary.

  • Your Future... Once we have a clear understanding of your roofing assets' current condition, Heartland Roofing Consultants can formulate an overall strategy and a specific plan to maximize your roofing assets.

  • Your Decision... We then work closely with you to give you all of the facts regarding your roofing assets. This will help you make informed decisions on the best ways to manage your property, and minimize blind reliance on a contractor telling you what to do, regardless of what you may or may not need.

Infrared Scan, Leak Diagnostics and More—Our Services

Project Management 
When the time comes for roof replacement because of office roof leaks, we will work with you to design a system that best meets your budget while keeping your long-term goals in focus. We'll write the specifications and conduct a pre-bid meeting so that you fully understand your options. Then, when you award the contract, we will conduct a pre-construction meeting and follow the project through to completion, protecting your interests at all times. Upon completion of the project we will present you with a Project Summary Book complete with: Summary of Work, Project Specification, Progress Reports, Progress Photos, and Warranty.
Leak Diagnostics
We will identify any leaking problems, write a scope-of-work and guarantee that the leak is properly repaired before you pay the bill!
Infrared Thermography
When conducting an infrared roof inspections, we utilize thermal imaging to detect thermal energy patterns which translate to temperature changes in the roof system. Locating these temperature changes allows us to discover where any wet insulation could be compromising your roof system. We then use the information we gather from the infrared scan to formulate a plan of action, potentially saving you thousands of dollars, but most importantly giving you peace of mind knowing you made the best decision possible.

When it comes to Infrared Thermography, we don’t just do roofs.  There are actually hundreds of applications for Infrared Thermography.  On staff we have a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer, who is thoroughly trained in various applications of Infrared Thermography. From Electrical / Mechanical Predictive Maintenance to Building Quality Assurance and Energy Loss Analysis, we can do it all. No matter what type of business you are in, we are certain you 
can benefit from Infrared Thermography. In fact, research has 
shown that the savings to investment ratio of an Infrared Inspection
is 4:1! So call Heartland Roofing Consultants today and find out
how the non-destructive testing of Infrared Thermography can help
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